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Explusic - EXplore Music Search Engine

Explore Music – Free Music Search Engine Launched -Win 5000 Dollars In Free GiveAway

Explusic - EXplore Music Search Engine

Hey Dear Music Lover’s,

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Have you ever been so stressed up  and frustrated while searching your favorite music(s) on Goggle and ended  up been redirected too often to broken links or falling victim of click bait page titles leading to non- exiting download links?

If  Yes, then I advice you spare a minute or two reading this now.

Explusic - EXplore Music Search Engine


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Music  we know is  life! Over the years searching and downloading music(s) on the internet has never been so easy as most search results ends up at times  leading to either junk annoying  ads, purchase links or broken download links hereby leaving users frustrated or forced to purchase.


Well this day I would like to introduce to you the new age FREE modern music search engine  – EXPLORE MUSIC ( EXPLUSIC ).

EXPLUSIC is a free music search engine, light weighted  that crawls playable  music(s) all around the globe in seconds and render for your consumption ( STREAM OR DOWNLOAD ) in a blink.

With EXPLUSIC, music lovers like you don’t have to spend ages on  search engines like Goggle, Bing  and Yahoo etc. anymore  looking up your favorite songs for download.


It just got better with EXPLUSIC!    With  just FOUR (4) simple steps ahead in exploring song (s) globally


Explusic - EXplore Music Search Engine


  • Input the song title in the EXPLUSIC search bar and click enter.Explusic - EXplore Music Search Engine
  • Allow EXPLUSIC do the searching and crawl playable songs for you in seconds.
    Explusic - EXplore Music Search Engine
  • Stream to be sure of your song ( Optional )
    Explusic - EXplore Music Search Engine
  • Choose from the loads of crawled playable links rendered to you and click on the music title to be redirected to the exact download page and start your download    OR Click the small download icon below the played music.
    Explusic - EXplore Music Search Engine




  1. Save’s your search time.
  2. No broken links, just direct download links .
  3. Stream music before downloading.
  4. Play millions of songs for free while browsing.
  5. Save your search results for playback later.
  6. For Bloggers – Submit your website and gain full control of your musical contents ( Choose which music to be crawled by bots or not.) http://www.explusic.com/webmasters/




You Get All This Feature For Absolute Free!!!



EXPLORE MUSIC  is currently opened to interested investors seeking to invest on our music search engine. Got questions / need to report a bug /  got suggestions to improve our platform or others? Contact the developers or  team via:-

http://www.explusic.com/contact-us/  or send a mail directly to admin@explusic.com


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