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Mysterious Elephant Appears In First Bank Nig. – Lagos – Swallows 125Million Live 

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Mysterious Elephant After The Disaster

A live walking and physically okay ELEPHANT  was seen today, few minutes ago at a First Bank Nigeria Branch at Seme Boarder – Lagos State, Nigeria at exactly 01:47pm in the bank premises after the the bank received a dispatch of money from the Bank Headquarters.
The ELEPHANT was said to appear just moments immediately the MONEY VAN left the bank premises. The route at which this ELEPHANT came into the bank is yet to be known.

There was fear and in-orderliness in the BANK as security operatives opened fire at the mysterious animal damaging the BANK premises after parting away with some huge amounts of money disclosed by the BANK Manager Mr. Ogunwusi Olaiya to be amounted to the sum of 125Million Naira!.
Not Only did this mysterious Elephant made away with such amounts of money but also destroyed the BANK premises and building beyond measures and also injured one of the staff who tried to stop its actions beyond circumstances.

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Mysterious Elephant After The Disaster
Mysterious Elephant After wounding One Of The Security Personnel Badly

More Information And Videos Coming In Shortly From Sources Once Verified.  Kindly Keep Updated Here To Catch The Full Gist Early!

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 Let’s Discuss About This Issue Here, What Is Becoming Of  Nigeria And Mysterious  Animals? Let’s Hear Your Views And Opinions On This Please! 

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  1. Nigeria yaf finish! Chai! If this is real o

  2. Trash…
    To whom it may concern, plz do well to be posting facts..
    As for the photoshop of placing the elephant in the bank premises, that was a bad job even as u may have tried.
    So the elephant that presumably killed the man on the ground is standing beside the ATM and the police man and others are standing there not even facing the beast… (last picture there)
    Please, that bank was attacked by armed robbers not some stupid elephant crap.
    If u want people to visit ur blog, use ur brain not ya ass….
    Lemme come and be going

    • As in ehen, Nigeria bloggers are going to finish this country. They should be arrested and their blog demolished

      • Very mad blogger. So u think u can go far with this kind of strategies. Use ur brain man. Their are lots of story to create traffic. I can never enter this site again in my life. Smh

  3. lies its photo shop,look at the security man standing infront of the elephant fearless,if it was true he couldnt have been at that possition

  4. How can FirstBank whose colour is blue be using a red ATM?!
    Plus how can there be a growth of shrubs in an actively running business environment such a bank?!

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